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Answer questions

Do you have to finish styling for the appointment?

Yes, because otherwise this will depend on your shooting time.


What should I wear?

It is best to bring a lot of different outfits, so we are very variable and can take many different pictures.


May I bring friends to a shoot?

You are welcome to bring friends to support or just to watch.


Can you just extend a shoot?

You are welcome to extend the shooting on site, here will then be calculated times depending on the package.


How do you get the finished pictures?

You will receive a selection of all pictures in advance via an online gallery. Depending on the package, you will then be able to select your favorites there and then receive them in full resolution in full resolution via the online gallery (pictures in digital format).


What happens to the non-selected pictures?

These images are stored in our archive and can be reordered at any time.


What happens in bad weather?

Even in bad weather, the appointment takes place, because the pictures then have their own character.

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